Ohm Improvement

I remember when VCRs came out. It seemed that no one over the age of 27 knew how to stop the clock from flashing 12:00.

It was such a simple fix that I never understood why the adults couldn’t figure it out. Even after I showed them how to fix the clock, they still couldn’t grasp it.

The same was true for programming the thing to record Columbo, The Andy Griffith Show, or any of the other programs that grownups couldn’t live ...

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Slow Down, Will Ya?

I used to think that technological advancements were amazing. I couldn’t wait to see what was next. Now, I just want to keep using what I’ve already figured out.

I used to make fun of folks who shunned new technology. “Why wouldn’t you want to learn new and better ways to do things?” I thought.

Not anymore. I’ve become that person.

I realize that things change and improve, but do they have to change so darn fast?

Just when I figured out how to ...

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