Toying With Kids

Toys ain’t what they used to be. For the most part.

When my kids were little, Cabbage Patch Dolls were all the rage.

I never understood Cabbage Patch Dolls, or the hair pulling and fistfights that occurred in stores across America over who was going to get the first ones off the shelf when the new shipments arrived.

Think about it. The premise was that each doll was born in a cabbage patch. I’m not sure if the idea was to take a ...

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Let’s Put The Thanks Back In Thanksgiving

Most of us celebrate Thanksgiving without a second thought. That’s not how it was intended.

Contrary to what many say, America was founded on religious principles. Thanksgiving is proof of that.

Those who fled England to come here in the early 1600s did so for religious reasons. The first recognized Thanksgiving was a feast they shared with Native Americans to honor the Creator.

Since 1863, by proclamation of President Abraham Lincoln, Thanksgiving has been celebrated as a federal holiday on the fourth Thursday ...

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Spam Me

If you like bologna sandwiches, you’re alright by me.

If you grew up with a dad who worked, a mom who stayed home, one car, no air conditioning, and bologna in the fridge, then it’s likely you also are familiar with this particular lunch meat and other budget-conscious grocery items.

When I was a kid, you ate what they put in front of you or you didn’t eat at all. Matter of fact, I can remember many an hour sitting at a ...

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Yes, You Can Go Home Again

They say that you can’t go home again. Last weekend, I did.

I vividly remember the night of my high school graduation. It was very hot and very wet.

Because of heavy rains, we were the first class, in no one could remember how long, to graduate inside the gymnasium instead of on the football field.

It was a Friday night in May, and polyester was still surviving from the 1970s in the form of our shiny purple caps and gowns.

As we all ...

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