Silence Of The Limbs

When I first started driving, my arms and legs all had assignments. But now, fewer of my limbs have something to do when I’m going down the road. The car and the computers that operate the car are doing more. I’m doing less.

The dimmer switch in the floor is gone. First, they moved the dimmer switch to the blinker arm. But these days, the car dims its own lights when you meet an oncoming vehicle.

I’m not sure why we even ...

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It’s A Sign

Before the realization of Eisenhower’s dream of The Interstate Highway System, America traveled the back roads. State highways, county roads, and main streets were the way to get where you were going.

And during the formative years of many of today’s Americans, trips and roadways were lined with cleverly styled and memorable advertising.

The roads of mid-20th Century America were filled with creative and appealing pitches, which were a far sight better than the paid-and-staid exit signs we pass today on our ...

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Something To Show

If we need proof that the TV shows we grew up with were great, look no further than the fact that they’re still popular today.

We consume Leave It To Beaver, Perry Mason, The Rockford Files, Happy Days, and many others, at a rate much higher than we ever could when they originally aired.

Until fairly recently, we had to wait until a new episode aired. Most shows were a weekly series, but shows such as Columbo, McCloud, and McMillan and Wife ...

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The Candy, Man

Candy corn is the fruitcake of Halloween candy. There are people who say they like candy corn, but I don’t believe them.

If candy corn is that great, why do people only buy it once a year?

Same for fruitcake. People give them as gifts during the holidays, but I think they’re gifts for people they don’t like.


Wife: “Honey, what do you want to give the Johnsons for Christmas?”

Husband: “Give them that fruitcake we got from them last year.”

Wife: “I thought you ...

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