The Swimming Whole

Photo from the Facebook group: Memories of Crystal Springs Beach Maud Texas / Todd Prather. Date of photo is unknown.


In the summer, all of the kids went swimming.

We didn’t have video games or movies on demand. We had a bathing suit, a designated towel, a supervising adult, and a destination.

For those of us who grew up in southwest Arkansas, northeast Texas or northwest Louisiana, that 1970s destination was often Crystal Springs Beach.

Crystal Springs, as most of us called it, was a large lake located on Highway 67 near Maud, Texas. For decades, ...

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It seemed at the time that my senior year in high school was busy – and tumultuous.

That’s because it was.

When some of my fellow 1980 classmates and I began working on plans to get together for the 40th anniversary of our graduation, memories came flooding in. Memories that had been filed away.

I pulled a stack from the grey matter file cabinet, blew off the dust, and poured over a few.

The year 1980 was the first year in my life that ...

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Retiring Rockers

“What the heck is a Doobie Brother, anyway?” My father asked.

My dad didn’t like my music.

I wasn’t going to answer his question.

“Gee, I have no idea, Pop,” I said. Lying through my teeth.

“But they’re a great band,” I responded.

“Sounds like a bunch of noise to me,” he said.

It was an argument I couldn’t win.
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Leaving The Garden Gate A Jar

The great thing about growing a lot of your own food is the ability to walk out the back door and pick it.

It doesn’t get much fresher than that.

If there’s a downside to growing a garden (we had seven garden areas this year), it’s that it seems that most of the produce comes off the vine about the same time.

So, you have a few choices.

1)   Eat a lot as fast as you can.

2)   Share with your neighbors.

3)   Share with your ...

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