Beam Me Up

I was watching an episode of Star Trek. Captain Kirk went to a wall, pushed a button, and asked the computer to look up all of the information in the data banks on the earth colony of Tarsus IV.

In a matter of moments, the female voice responded with several pieces of information.

I looked down at my iPhone and realized that Captain Kirk had nothing on me. I could do the same thing on my phone without getting up and going to ...

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The Wheel Deal

After an accident sent my first car, a 1966 Mustang, to the junkyard, my dad found me a replacement. It was and still is the coolest car I’ve ever owned. It was a 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme.

The car was a metal-flake gold color inside and out, and had bucket seats with a center console with an automatic shifter.

The one thing the car lacked was a decent set of mag wheels.

The factory wheels were OK, but I was surrounded by buddies ...

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A Tail To Tell

Two weeks after my father left this earth on our Nation’s Birthday, a bird wandered into our front yard.

It wasn’t just any bird. It was a peacock.

He was young, so I wasn’t sure if it was a male or a female.

Our neighbors had raised peacocks before, so I just assumed that they had acquired more, and one of them had gotten out.

It wasn’t the neighbor’s, and a nearby vet said it wasn’t his, so I put pictures on Facebook.

It looked ...

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Just Over The Wire

I still have a hard time calling the Internet, “The Internet.” Frequently, I will call it, “The Wire.”

I still catch myself saying, “I saw a story about that on the wire.”

The “Wire” refers to a literal wire. The wire was a phone line.

For many of my 25 years in broadcasting, the wire was how stories reached the radio station and, in turn, the masses.

For a subscription fee, the Associated Press (AP), United Press International, and other news services transmitted breaking ...

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