I’ll Split It With You

While much of America enjoys four equal seasons, those of us in Texas celebrate two: Hot and less hot.

Between October and February, it’s kinda cold in Texas. The rest of the year, it’s hot and humid.

But, as September gives way to October, there is a feeling, albeit a fleeting one, of relief.

Fall is here.

Generally, Arkansas has colder winters than we do in the Lone Star State. Consequently, I spent much of the spring of my life splitting firewood. Lots of ...

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Homework Has My Vote

We all need to start doing our homework.

The problem with most American voters is that they latch on to the promises of a candidate in a rush to elect them, because they’re ready to get rid of the last candidate, whose promises they bought at the last election.

Our country has changed. Not so long ago, most Americans at least took a passing interest in staying informed on what was going on. When I say staying informed, I mean actually making ...

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Cologne and Perfume – Can You Smell Me Now?

Do you smell that?

Since the beginning of time, or at least since there’s been advertising, men and women have been willing to shell out hard-earned cash for something to make them smell better. Or, at least something that they think makes them smell better.

I have no idea who came up with the first perfume or cologne, but sometimes I wonder if we’ve made much progress in the area of scented enhancement. Specifically, in the area of male scented enhancement.

My first ...

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Are You Gravy Trained?

Anyone who grew up in the South knows all of the major food groups. There’s dairy, meat, fruit, vegetables, and gravy.

Once you get outside of the South, there are other substances in existence that are called gravy, but they aren’t anything close to real gravy.

What is real gravy? I call it cream gravy, but real gravy is called by many names. Whether you call it cream, sawmill, country, white, milk or sausage gravy, real gravy is the gravy that’s poured ...

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Clocking Out

Every person’s life changes the world.

The impact a person has sometimes is obvious, but sometimes it is immeasurable.

What we choose to do for a living is normally based on one of two factors. Some people select their jobs based primarily on money, while a rare few put aside the goal of a high salary to truly make a difference.

She was in junior high when she knew that she wanted to work in the medical field. She thought she wanted to ...

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