I’ll Split It With You

While much of America enjoys four equal seasons, those of us in Texas celebrate two: Hot and less hot.

Between October and February, it’s kinda cold in Texas. The rest of the year, it’s hot and humid.

But, as September gives way to October, there is a feeling, albeit a fleeting one, of relief.

Fall is here.

Generally, Arkansas has colder winters than we do in the Lone Star State. Consequently, I spent much of the spring of my life splitting firewood. Lots of ...

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There’s no better feeling than accomplishing something with your own two hands.

We recently completed a construction project at our home. I watched each member of the work crew ply their trade with certainty and skill. I was envious.

I sit in a climate-controlled office most days typing on a keyboard and talking on a phone. I don’t mean to belittle what I do, because I worked very hard on my education and to become proficient at my profession. But as I ...

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