Right On Cue

As a kid growing up in Ashdown, Arkansas, there were places I was supposed to be found and a couple of places I wasn’t.

One of the places I was never supposed to be found was in the pool hall.

I still have no idea what the name of the town’s pool hall was (maybe it didn’t have one on purpose), but one thing it did have was interesting people.

Guys. Interesting guys, to be exact. I never saw a woman in the ...

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Channeling My Youth

I remember my parents’ first remote control.

It was me.

You hear a lot about child labor laws and how working kids is against the rules. It’s cruel. It’s unusual. It’s punishment.

When I was a kid, we worked like pack mules, and we acted like we liked it. To act any other way would’ve been met with such caring phrases as: “Because I said so.” “I don’t care what Billy does, I’m not his parent.” And, “Stop crying or I’ll give you ...

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Quality Screen Time

The earliest movie I remember seeing at the drive-in was Fantastic Voyage. If you haven’t seen that one, it’s essentially Honey I Shrunk The Kids. Only they weren’t kids and it wasn’t a comedy.

A group of American scientists and a submarine were shrunk to microscopic size and injected through a syringe into a Russian scientist to save his life.

Pretty heady stuff for a kid in footed pajamas sitting in the backseat of a ’60 model Buick.

That ...

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Cast of Characters

We need more Archie Bunkers and Fred Sanfords today.

One morning as I was watching TV, I tried to think of one television character we have today that has anywhere close to the same level of notoriety of any of the ones with which we grew up.

I couldn’t think of one.

Today, there’s no Archie, Fred, Andy, Barney, Fonzie, or anyone else even close.

I set my DVR to record All In The Family, Highway Patrol, Dragnet, and many other classics. But very ...

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