Coming Up For Air

I’m not sure when they started charging for air at gas stations, but I firmly believe that collusion was involved.

When the local filling station was owned by a local family, you were never charged to fill up a low tire, or for that matter, water for the radiator or most anything else besides the gasoline.

And you didn’t even have to buy gasoline to get free air and water. If the service station attendant saw that you were in trouble and ...

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Iceboxes Are Cool

The fridge. Frigerator. Some even called it, “The Frigidaire.” A few decades ago it had many names.

Growing up, my family called it the “ice box,” even though it was an old term.

Today most of us refer to the kitchen appliance where we keep cold things as the refrigerator.

But an electrical appliance doesn’t work without electricity. And until the late 1940s, electricity wasn’t an option where my parents were raised. It just wasn’t available.

So, prior to having an electric refrigerator, you ...

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