Oh, Man

It’s a good thing women are in charge of decorating.

Each house in America would have the “Dogs Playing Poker” series on the living room walls if the guys had our way.

But humor me for a moment. What if men were given permission to have things our way? Would the world be that much different? That much worse?

I submit to you, that without ever talking to each other, with no collusion or complicitousness, men would make changes around the house – ...

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When Life Gives You Lemons

I’m seeing lemonade stands again.

At a time when all you seem to hear is that the number of young people quitting their jobs is growing, I’m seeing young folks setting up to sell lemonade.

It makes me smile. And I stop and buy some.

My first exposure to good old capitalism was when I was about eight and my sister was six. I saw a kid on TV selling lemonade, so I told my mother that I wanted to set up a ...

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Thanks For Checking

People in the South check on each other.

I’m not sure if this happens elsewhere, but it’s almost innate for a person raised around where I was to check on folks.

In Ashdown, Arkansas, people left their keys in their cars, so they obviously didn’t lock their houses. So if someone was checking on you, they would crack open your front door and yell, “Woo Hoo,” and wait until you yelled, “I’m here, c’mon in,” before entering.

When I say, “checking on” someone, ...

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What’s In Store

Malls were the beginning of the end. Although, in the 1970s when Texarkana welcomed the opening of its mall, those of us who lived in the area were all too busy being excited about having a mall to see that by shopping there we were hurting our neighbors.

“What could be better?” we thought. All of the stores you could want under one air-conditioned roof, vendors selling trinkets, overpriced jewelry, and a food court with pretzels the size of manhole covers.

Maybe ...

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