On The Road Again And Again

Back in the 60s, some American college kids protested the Vietnam War, but mostly, they conducted sit-ins. Few protests were violent.

Other American college kids would have contests to see how many of them they could cram into a Volkswagen.

Today, college kids see how much trouble they can cause by rioting on campus.

While the Volkswagen college kids were smashing up against each other in a Beetle, parents were cramming as many kids as they could into a Ford Country Squire or ...

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Aisle Be Seeing You

As a child growing up in Ashdown, Arkansas, we had two main grocery stores. Shur-Way and Piggly Wiggly. Or as my dad called it, “the Hoggly Woggly.”

And a trip to the store was like each TV commercial had come to life.

Advertising agencies at the time were very good at what they did. Think about how much artful effort goes into tying elves to cookies, a talking fish to tuna, and a tiger to sugar-drenched corn flakes.

And then convincing kids to ...

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Just Plane Fun

My wife and I are scheduled for an Alaskan cruise in the fall. By all accounts, it’s something to which we should look forward.

I’ve been told the same thing about other trips, including a Vegas excursion that included a stay at a strip motel that still had beds that took quarters.

Unfortunately, my wife held little interest for a strip motel with quarter-driven beds, so that’s an experience still to be had.

That said, the Alaskan cruise seems to hold more promise.

Except ...

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One For The Ages

It isn’t fair that some people never seem to age. Or that others age early.

We all had that one kid in our class who had a baby face when we were children, and they still do.

Then, there was the kid in the class who appeared to be in the 16th grade from the third grade on. The beard and mustache is what always threw people off.

And the kid who looked young all the way from when they were young, up ...

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