On Call

The Jetsons got a lot right. Flying cars are now a reality. Zoom meetings. Robot vacuum cleaners. And video phones.

One thing that was absent from that cartoon show was something that’s been around for well over 100 years. Something we still use today, and I think will still be around in some form: The regular old telephone.

We don’t use a rotary phone anymore (maybe some of us still do), but if I had to narrow it down and pick just ...

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A Product of Our Generation

If we’re honest, some products aren’t that different from each other. But during the 50s, 60s, and 70s, our moms were extremely loyal to the ones they liked.

And advertising had a lot to do with mom’s loyalty, and ours.

Growing up in front of a large, RCA console TV in Ashdown, Arkansas, I learned a lot about the products in the pantry, medicine cabinet, and bathroom.

Companies spent a fortune to send repeated messages designed to educate and convince you why their ...

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The Simple Life

Our grandparents had it figured out. They lived life on their terms.

Today, we live life on society’s terms. And the evidence that we regret it is all around.

The first bit of proof that my grandfather and grandmother had control of how their day would go is the fact that they had no alarm clock.

They didn’t need one.

As the rooster crowed, my granny was already in the kitchen pouring her and my papa a second cup of coffee.

The coffeemaker didn’t have ...

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