All Strung Out

Thanksgiving weekend is a special one for husbands. We put up Christmas decorations under the direction of our wives.

There are many things no one tells you before you get married, but one of the best kept secrets that women successfully hide from men is the mandatory hanging of the Christmas decorations.

While single men across the nation ring in the holiday season watching sports in their underwear, married men bundle up, put on their mountain climbing gear and hang from the ...

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1,000 Channels and Nothing on TV

This will be hard for some to believe, but once upon a time, TV was free.

Sometimes, I think about what it was like before we had a thousand TV channels.

It makes me recall when three little channels used to offer a heck of a lot more to watch.

I can remember the first time I saw HBO. This was the late 1970s, and it was truly amazing to see a TV channel in someone’s home that played uninterrupted movies. I can ...

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Can You Name All of The Cars You’ve Owned?

How many cars have you owned?

By my count, I’ve owned or co-owned 23 automobiles. That’s in 38 years of driving, so that’s a different vehicle about every year and a half.

Yes, I’m a car nut.

However, I didn’t change vehicles every year and a half. Some I owned for as long as 10 years. I’ve also owned as many as five at a time.

The 23 doesn’t count the vehicles I drove before I had a car that was actually mine. I ...

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Admit It. Some Holiday Recipes Are Just Awful

Every family has a recipe that no one likes, but no one’s willing to admit it.

So, what’s the recipe in your family that sends shivers up your spine whenever you find out it’s being served?

With the holidays fast approaching, I began to think about the joys of holiday feasting. Which then made me think about all of the family gatherings, which then made me think of the inevitable dish of Jell-O with fruit in it.

I’ve always hated Jell-O. Even Bill ...

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