We’re All Spoiled

Just as the temps finally decided to creep near 100 degrees for the first time this summer, the air conditioning in my car quit.

As I drove along with all of the windows down, I had an epiphany.

Suddenly, I became aware of things I hadn’t noticed in 35 years. Things you can’t notice with the windows up and the AC blowing.

I could hear the sounds of birds, dogs, the road noise, and the feeling of the hot ...

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Men Stink at Romance

Valentine’s Day in elementary school was, for most of us, the first opportunity to express feelings for someone of the opposite sex.

They weren’t real feelings of love of course, but they were the first expressions that helped us to understand that maybe we could overlook the cooties about which we’d been warned.

Sadly, most men still think a card for Valentine’s Day, her birthday or Mother’s Day, is all it takes to make a woman happy.

Women have dozens of triggers for ...

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RIP Robin Williams

Robin Williams died.

Celebrities are as mortal as the rest of us, but Robin wasn’t like the rest of us. That’s why the news of his death was such a shock to most of America.

Anyone under 40 grew up with Robin Williams. Those of us older than that remember the first time we saw him. I first saw him on television in the 1970’s on the show Happy Days. He played a space alien named Mork.

He exploded from the screen.

He later had his ...

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Pie Is Better Than Cake

Cake is overrated. Yet for some reason, it’s used to celebrate the biggest events of our lives, including birthdays, weddings and retirements.

I believe that people like pie better, they just don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings when someone bakes them a cake.

Seriously, can you honestly tell me that you wouldn’t rather have a bite of warm pecan pie with your glass of milk than a piece of cake?

Even royalty prefers pie. Marie Antoinette didn’t say, “Let them eat pie.” She ...

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