The Retro Room

Things were better in the old days back in Ashdown, Arkansas.

Because of that, I’m building a room in our house with almost all vintage items.

I’m calling it, “The Retro Room.”

I never thought I’d hear anyone else besides my dad and grandfather say that. But now I’m saying it.

Things were made better in the old days.

Cars used to be better. Furniture used to be better. Appliances used to be better.

Show me one thing today that’s made with better quality and durability.

I’ll ...

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The Lawn Moore

America really is The Land of Opportunity. Even if there’s only one opportunity, and that opportunity is cutting the grass.

Ashdown, Arkansas, was a pretty typical small American town in the 1960s and 1970s.

Kids weren’t just handed things. If we wanted something, we were told to work for it.

At my house that was the case. It was also the case at the homes of all of my friends.

Want a new stereo? Go make some money. Want a new bicycle? Get a ...

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A Myth Understanding

In the South, we believed with all of our hearts what we were told when we were children.

Even if it was wrong.

In the 1960s, the RCA color console TV my family had on Beech Street in Ashdown, Arkansas, could make you go blind.

It could if you believed what our mom told us.

Mom: “Scoot back from that television. If you sit too close, it’ll make your eyes stick on blurry, and eventually, you’ll go blind.”

Me: “Really? Cool.”

Never mind the fact that ...

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