Are You Reelin’ In The Years?

Birthdays are simply mile markers on life’s highway.

When I was about to turn five, my mother told me that I was not having a birthday party that year. Of course, I was having a birthday party that year, but my mom told me this because I kept asking if I was having one and she’d planned a surprise gathering for me.

But, you can’t tell a four-year-old something and then veer off the plan.

On my fifth birthday, people began to arrive ...

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Blue Bell Returns

(photo credit:

I wish I’d bought stock in Blue Bell.

Products come and go from American supermarket shelves, but none in recent years has been lamented more than the loss of Blue Bell Ice Cream.

Blue Bell isn’t the only company that makes ice cream, but you’d have sure thought that they were.

Wikipedia, that bastion of Internet accuracy, lists 158 major brands of ice cream.

Without cheating, I encourage you to quickly name five ice cream brands, other than Blue Bell.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Yeah, ...

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There’s no better feeling than accomplishing something with your own two hands.

We recently completed a construction project at our home. I watched each member of the work crew ply their trade with certainty and skill. I was envious.

I sit in a climate-controlled office most days typing on a keyboard and talking on a phone. I don’t mean to belittle what I do, because I worked very hard on my education and to become proficient at my profession. But as I ...

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Radio – I Listened With Frequency

It looks like a square with a corner cut off.

In 1972, when I was 10 years old, my dad’s parents gave me a Christmas present that would change my life. A Sony ICR-1826 model transistor radio.

This small, white cube would send me down a career path that a lucky few travel.

Late at night, long after I was supposed to have been asleep, I would turn the radio down low next to my pillow and tune in voices from hundreds, even ...

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