Old News


Person 1: “Hey. Remember me? You were in my class.”

Person 2: “No, I’m sorry. I’m afraid I don’t. What did you teach?”

As we get older, we see aging in others, but we never age.

At least, we don’t see ourselves aging.

I remember going to my 35th high school class reunion a few years ago. A classmate was kind enough to host a gathering at his home for the handful who could make it. Around 30 of my graduating class of about ...

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Are You Reelin’ In The Years?

Birthdays are simply mile markers on life’s highway.

When I was about to turn five, my mother told me that I was not having a birthday party that year. Of course, I was having a birthday party that year, but my mom told me this because I kept asking if I was having one and she’d planned a surprise gathering for me.

But, you can’t tell a four-year-old something and then veer off the plan.

On my fifth birthday, people began to arrive ...

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