What Are You Eating?

Years ago during lunch, a friend who had moved to Texas from another part of the country, which will remain nameless (Maryland), began talking about something called “Scrapple.”

I had just sawed through and devoured another bite of my chicken fried steak with gravy when I told him that Scrapple was one of my favorite games.

“No, not Scrabble,” he said. “It’s Scrapple. Scrapple is a food,” he added.

I took a bite of my mashed potatoes and gravy and raised an eyebrow.

“If ...

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One Day My Prints Will Come

The first time I saw a Polaroid camera in the 1960s, it was one of the most impressive things I’d seen. Of course, when you’re a little kid, you’re seeing many things for the first time, so lots of things are impressive.

But the Polaroid camera was different. The photo was self-developing.

Instead of mailing a roll of film and waiting weeks for the pictures to be developed, turned into prints, and mailed back to you, Polaroid pictures were ready almost instantly. ...

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All y’all


Y’all ever heard of a colloquialism?

According to the folks at Merrimack-Webster, a colloquialism is “…a local or regional dialect expression.”

Another definition is using language that could be considered, “unacceptably informal.” 

I have been accused of both. Being unacceptable and informal – sometimes separately, but most often in combination.

Yankees often make fun of Southerners for the way we talk, by trying to imitate us. Truth is, there isn’t much else that’s funnier than someone with a thick Northern accent muddling through ...

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Picture This


If I asked you to guess the most prolific Hollywood director, who has made the largest number of films that have turned a profit, who would you pick?

Ron Howard? James Cameron? Francis Ford Coppola? Martin Scorsese?

If any of these men were your choice, you’d be incorrect. But, each of these men once worked for the man who is the correct answer: Roger Corman.


Yes, Roger Corman.

Roger has produced, directed, written, acted in (or all of the above) many films you’ve likely ...

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