He came to us when he was between 5-7 years old.

We’ll never know exactly how old he is because the people who drove to the dead end road in front of our home, removed his collar, dumped him out, and drove away, didn’t leave a note.

It was a 102-degree July day in 2006.

He came to the sliding glass door on the back of our house and stood their waiting to be let in. I would assume it was exactly what ...

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You’re Wrong About Me Being Wrong

Civility is rapidly becoming extinct.

Once upon a time, Americans knew how to respect each other. That mutual respect has been replaced with vitriol and an inability to agree to disagree.

Americans have always held a myriad of beliefs, be they political, religious or otherwise. That hasn’t changed.

What has changed is the self-discipline most people used to possess when it comes to allowing others to have beliefs different from their own.

Today, anyone who wants to publicly express their views is likely to ...

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It’s a Matter of Manners

My brain is much younger than the rest of me.

It started out as an occasional thing, but has since rapidly picked up in frequency. I’m referring to the use of my last name.

There isn’t much else that’s more of a reality check than when most folks start calling you mister.

“Mr. Moore, it’s nice to see you!”

“It’s nice to see you, too. Please, call me ‘John’.”

“OK, Mr. Moore.”


Most of us feel the same exact way that we did when we were ...

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Pinball and Bowling Are Different

He’s a stupid idiot.

If some future civilization discovers our ruins and writings, I’d highly doubt that even a Rosetta Stone would help them. Between redundancy, poorly crafted metaphors, and oxymorons, they’ll never figure us out.

Recently, I was working in my shop on a John Deere lawn tractor that had taken ill, when an ad came on the TV set behind me claiming that something was ‘new and improved’. How can it be both? I guess it’s just as possible as ...

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