Let’s Stop The Arguing

No one is wrong anymore.

Over the past 10 years or so, arguing has become America’s favorite pastime. Whether it’s politics, religion, sexual orientation, education, health care, or any number of other topics, people now wallow in bickering.

They do it on TV, Facebook, in online chat rooms, even in the waiting room at the oil change place. I witnessed the last one myself.

I can’t be the only one who’s sick of all the arguing.

If someone disagrees with someone else, they each ...

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You’re Wrong About Me Being Wrong

Civility is rapidly becoming extinct.

Once upon a time, Americans knew how to respect each other. That mutual respect has been replaced with vitriol and an inability to agree to disagree.

Americans have always held a myriad of beliefs, be they political, religious or otherwise. That hasn’t changed.

What has changed is the self-discipline most people used to possess when it comes to allowing others to have beliefs different from their own.

Today, anyone who wants to publicly express their views is likely to ...

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