Our Political Path

Political shootings. People happy about political shootings. People outraged about political shootings.

Political violence. People happy about political violence. People outraged about political violence.

What has happened to us?

I was taught to avoid discussing religion and politics. But today, I’m going to address both.

As a country, we are reaching a point of fracture. I believe that our behavior and words will determine the direction our children will inherit.

Not so many years ago, someone portraying a decapitated president or threatening to burn down ...

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Toying With Kids

There was a simple toy I used to love. It featured a bald man with big eyes and a red nose, who was shielded behind a plastic case. There was a red-handled stick, or ‘wand’ as it was called on the package, that had a magnet on one end.

Inside the plastic case were metal shavings. If I placed the toy flat, I could use the magnetic wand to drag the shavings over the man’s face, giving him hair on his ...

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The Years of Sears

I stood patiently waiting to pay for my socket set. There was a couple in front of me who, with the help of an employee, were thumbing through a sale flyer. Whatever it was they wanted to buy, it seemed that it was in the flyer but not in the showroom.

“I know I have some in the back,” said the clerk.

The three then left the register area and headed that direction.

There was one other employee in the tool department. He ...

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Cutting Out

If I ever find a bottle with a genie in it, I’m using all three wishes to have someone else mow my yard.

I know, you’re thinking that I should use one of my three wishes for a permanent genie lawn boy and the other two for a winning lottery ticket and TV news with no arguing. But, I’m fairly certain that even an eternal genie would tire of mowing my yard. It’s fairly large.

When I was a kid, I couldn’t ...

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