Getting The Lead Out

I’d hit the wall after hours of moving furniture. I couldn’t go any longer and had to sit down. I’m no spring chicken and my back was letting me know it.

Moving a family member who has over 60 years of stuff takes awhile, so even if you sit a spell you really need to keep the momentum going. If you don’t, it’s likely you’ll decide you’re done for the day. And that wasn’t a luxury I had.

What I needed was ...

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Southern Women

I once asked my father how old you have to be before you understand women. His response was, “I give up. How old?”

I have relatives and friends in all parts of the country. But Southern women have a way of doing things that are just baffling to men.

In the South, women clean their house before the housekeeper arrives.

Wife: “Oh, my gosh! I forgot. The cleaning lady is coming today. Quick, get up at help me clean the house!”

Husband: “But she’s ...

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Can’t Beat The Beatles

The Beatles broke up when I was 8.

Those eight years are the same ones they were together.

So, my life has always included John, Paul, George and Ringo.

From 1963 until 1970, The Beatlesdominated the airwaves, both in radio airplay and in television coverage.

They were also covered in newspapers and magazines. They made movies. They knocked Elvis off his throne. They were a big deal.

They still are.

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The Price Was Right

Long before anyone knew who Drew Carey was, there was a fella named Bob who hosted a little game show called, “The Price Is Right.”

My grandmother loved and never missed Bob Barker and his game show. Full disclosure, I was a closet fan of the program.

In the 1970s, it wasn’t very manly to admit that during the summer months and on sick days, I looked forward to playing The Price Is Right from the long, green velour couch in my ...

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Swapping Memories

Canton’s First Monday Trade Days is one of the largest flea markets in the world. And it certainly is one of, if not the oldest in the country.

Its origins date back over a century and a half. In the 1800s, Canton, Texas, was a gathering place to trade horses and livestock.

Today, there’s still some of that, but you can also buy just about anything else.

And I do mean anything. Estimates say the number of vendors covers a total of about ...

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