Picturing Grace

When I was a child, there was a painting that hung on my grandmother’s kitchen wall. It portrayed a man who was praying over a meal of bread and what appeared to be a bowl of soup. Near the man was a book, which I always assumed was a Bible, and a pair of spectacles.

From my earliest recollections until my dad’s mother passed, I remember looking at this painting while we ate in her home and wondering many things. Who ...

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Churning Makes The World A Butter Place

This week, for the first time in my life, I made my own butter.

But to get to the beginning of this tasty story, we have to go back a few years.

In 2013, I was sitting in the waiting room at my sleep doctor’s office when I became tired of the talking heads on the news network arguing with each other, so I struck up a conversation with an older gentleman and his wife. Turns out, they were also sick of ...

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Out To The Outhouse

Raise your hand if you’ve ever used an outhouse.

During a recent discussion with friends, the topic of outhouses came up. I honestly don’t remember why it made its way into the conversation, but boy, did it ever.

So, I posed the question on my Facebook page, yes or no, have you ever used an outhouse? I was shocked at not only the number of people who said yes, but also at the number of people who responded with comments about their ...

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The Gold and Green 70’s

I grew up in the land of harvest gold and avocado green. I can withstand anything.

As a kid of the 70’s, I was surrounded by strong colors and shag carpet. Most kids probably didn’t notice or care how garish our surroundings were, but I did.

What were we thinking?

As a child, I would look at photos from the previous decades and admire the choices people made when they decorated their homes and businesses. Specifically, I was drawn to the Art Deco ...

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Thanks, Billy Joel

We got into my friend’s car and Billy Joel came on the satellite radio.

I began to sing along. It was an album cut. Not one that had been played much on the radio almost 40 years ago.

I knew all of the words. My friend pointed that out.

For Christmas in 1977, I wanted Billy Joel’s new album, “The Stranger”. Specifically, I wanted it on 8-track. I’d been driving for about a year, and no self-respecting teen left home without his or ...

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Cologne and Perfume – Can You Smell Me Now?

Do you smell that?

Since the beginning of time, or at least since there’s been advertising, men and women have been willing to shell out hard-earned cash for something to make them smell better. Or, at least something that they think makes them smell better.

I have no idea who came up with the first perfume or cologne, but sometimes I wonder if we’ve made much progress in the area of scented enhancement. Specifically, in the area of male scented enhancement.

My first ...

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It’s a Matter of Manners

My brain is much younger than the rest of me.

It started out as an occasional thing, but has since rapidly picked up in frequency. I’m referring to the use of my last name.

There isn’t much else that’s more of a reality check than when most folks start calling you mister.

“Mr. Moore, it’s nice to see you!”

“It’s nice to see you, too. Please, call me ‘John’.”

“OK, Mr. Moore.”


Most of us feel the same exact way that we did when we were ...

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What Makes Your Van Gogh?

I know art when I see it.

Recently, pranksters planted a $10 Ikea print in a Netherlands Museum and told visitors it was made by a Swedish artist named Ike Andrews. Note the first four letters of Mr. Andrews’ name.

Patrons were asked what they thought it was worth. Estimates ranged from 1,000 Euros to 2.5 million Euros.

I’ve heard of Euros, but I never bothered to learn how much one is worth since it would have to equate to American dollars to ...

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