Bringin’ Home The Bakin’

Biscuit making is a lost art.

There have been many great advancements in civilization, but I have to say that canned biscuits isn’t one of them.

Pillsbury Grands, the flaky variety of course, are about as close to homemade biscuits as you can get, but they’re still nowhere near as good as biscuits made by the hands of an experienced biscuit maker.

This came to mind at Thanksgiving after eating my brother-in-law’s famous yeast rolls. It’s not his recipe (it came from one ...

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Are You Gravy Trained?

Anyone who grew up in the South knows all of the major food groups. There’s dairy, meat, fruit, vegetables, and gravy.

Once you get outside of the South, there are other substances in existence that are called gravy, but they aren’t anything close to real gravy.

What is real gravy? I call it cream gravy, but real gravy is called by many names. Whether you call it cream, sawmill, country, white, milk or sausage gravy, real gravy is the gravy that’s poured ...

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