The Chemistry Chicken

We had done the math, and without a doubt, Todd and I were going to flunk 11th grade chemistry.

It was 1978 and as my buddy and I sat in the back of Mr. Smith’s room, we knew that we would run out of school year before we had any chance of making a passing grade.

We were desperate.

As class was dismissed, we waited until all of the other students left the room.

“Mr. Smith?” I said. “Can we talk to you for ...

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Clocking Out

Every person’s life changes the world.

The impact a person has sometimes is obvious, but sometimes it is immeasurable.

What we choose to do for a living is normally based on one of two factors. Some people select their jobs based primarily on money, while a rare few put aside the goal of a high salary to truly make a difference.

She was in junior high when she knew that she wanted to work in the medical field. She thought she wanted to ...

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Listen To Your Heart

“Mister Moore, I have bad news. You’ve had a heart attack.”

This was not going to be a typical Wednesday.

I stared at the ER physician from my ambulance gurney and tried to process what my wife, boss and I had just heard.

“How bad was it?” I asked.

“Significant,” he responded.

At the ripe old age of 52, I was the newest member of the coronary club.

For almost two days, I’d had the classic symptoms; significant chest pressure, pain radiating down my left arm ...

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