“Who New?” Podcast 1 with John Moore – Actor Advait Ghuge

“Who New?” is a podcast featuring regular people.

During my 25 years in broadcasting, I learned that quite often, the average people I met had more interesting life stories than the celebrities I interviewed.

That’s the idea behind this podcast. I’ll carry my recording gear around with me, and if I meet someone interesting, I’ll ask them to do a podcast. If they agree, you’ll hear it here.

Not to say someone famous won’t appear here, but my goal is to highlight individuals who aren’t famous, but are interesting.

Advait Ghuge is my first guest. He’s an up-and-coming actor in Dallas who, unlike most new actors, got jobs six weeks after his first acting lesson.

We discuss the acting profession, why people choose it, the process for getting work, and who he wants to act with in Hollywood.

At just 27, he’s on his way.

Who New?

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