The Gift That Keeps On Giving


If you’ve ever been to a Southern Baptist Sunday School Christmas party, it is likely that you have been a participant in what is called, “A White Elephant Gift Exchange.”

It was years ago that I was part of this holiday party game, but during that time I was never able to determine why it was named such, as I never saw a pachyderm, white or otherwise.

And now, thanks to the Internet, you and I both know more.

For those who aren’t ...

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Old News


Person 1: “Hey. Remember me? You were in my class.”

Person 2: “No, I’m sorry. I’m afraid I don’t. What did you teach?”

As we get older, we see aging in others, but we never age.

At least, we don’t see ourselves aging.

I remember going to my 35th high school class reunion a few years ago. A classmate was kind enough to host a gathering at his home for the handful who could make it. Around 30 of my graduating class of about ...

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