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If you like bologna sandwiches, you’re alright by me.

If you grew up with a dad who worked, a mom who stayed home, one car, no air conditioning, and bologna in the fridge, then it’s likely you also are familiar with this particular lunch meat and other budget-conscious grocery items.

When I was a kid, you ate what they put in front of you or you didn’t eat at all. Matter of fact, I can remember many an hour sitting at a ...

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Howdy Is Just Being Nice

The nicest people live in the South.

Anyone who was born and raised in the South and has done any traveling has probably noticed the same thing that I have: We’re friendlier.

Now, I’m not saying that people who live in the north, east, or western part of the United States aren’t nice folks. I’m simply saying we’re friendlier in the South.

I’ll give you an example. Only folks in the South can strike up a conversation with a complete stranger in a ...

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Trick or Treat


One of the few holidays left that does not seem to be under attack is Halloween. Technically, Halloween isn’t a real holiday, but it is if you’re under 12 and like candy.

Recently, my wife mailed off a care package to the three smallest grandchildren, which included a homemade costume for each of them.

From what I’m told, dragons are one of the big things with kids this year, so they each received their own dragon costume, with just enough individual nuances ...

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